Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birding without birds

Or more percisely - keeping a birding blog without birds to write about. This time of year most of my work consists of writing reports and papers, and preparing my next field projects - raising funds, writing proposals etc. I have almost no fieldwork going on now. My busy field season is between September and May.
In addition it's so bloody hot that birding ends at about 08:00. It's not that there are no birds in Israel now - in fact some good seabirds at Eilat, shorebird numbers are picking up and first migrant warblers already ticking in the reedbeds and bushes. Plus all the special residents and summer visitors still here. But the lack of rarities (last RBA message was in May) combined with terrible heat plus no fieldwork means that I have become a lazy bum.
So how does one keep a birding blog alive through this period? I really don't know. I don't enjoy writing about general birding stuff - plenty of other websites that deal with these issues with more talent than myself. So I just try to produce whatever I can, which is very little I'm afraid. For this reason I'd like to thank all of my supporters and followers for holding onduring this slow period, waiting with me for autumn migration to pick up.
And just becuase I hate image-less posts, here's an image of the most beautiful dog in the world - Bamba.


  1. Nice dog Yoav - is a a Staffordshire Bull Terrier? I have 2 myself, a Red Male and a Black and White Female. Brother and Sister, i also had the Mother but sadly she passed away.

    Does the dog go birding with you? Mine do but there is little to disturb around here!

    ATB Laurie -

    1. She's a mix between German Sheperd and Boxer as far as I know. She certainly joins me when I go birding - she's very quiet and well behaved. Trained to chase cats and mongooses away from nets.

  2. Still the best birding blog in Israel (if not the middle east), even without birds!

    Hope to see you in the field again some time...