Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hot hot hot - but some good migrants going through

This morning I ringed at my site in Ashdod. Weather was terrible - very hot with relative humidity of 200%. As a result I closed the nets very early - it became too hot for the birds already at 08:00. I was pretty busy during the short period when the nets were open. Lots of Reed Warblers, and a mix of other local species and early migrants. As expected a few Kingfishers were flying up and down the creek (my first this autumn), and we caught one.
Kingfisher - 1cy male

The only surprise this morning involved a Thrush Nightingale. They normally don't arrive here before late August, but this bird is not an early autumn migrant but a stranded spring migrant that got stuck here for some reason and could not complete its migration.

Thrush Nightingale

 It was at the end of its complete moult - primaries almost complete, and four secondaries still growing. It was in heavy body moult too that's why it's scruffy-looking. Note that the moulted GC and tertails have these small buff tips, normally associated with young birds.

Thanks to Arad and Shlomo for their sweat this morning.

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  1. Ahhh, Yoav, You can not believe how much I miss my ringing place in Hurghada. I would be happily suffer in the heat of the day just to be there... But 200% humidity indeed makes me think that it was heroic to be at the ringing camp.