Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wading in the mud

This morning I spent a few hours lying in the mud at Ashdod with Danny Laredo. There is no intimacy as powerful as that of two men lying together on their bellies under a camo net.
Danny was a few minutes late so I had a quick look around the ponds at first light and couldn't resist these semi-artistic photo opps:

Black-winged Stilt

And in normal light:
We positioned ourselves quite poorly so almost nothing got close enough in decent light. There were quite a few Little Stints but they are little indeed:

Little Stint - adult
This Temminck's Stint approached from the wrong side and I was lying too low, so I didn't manage to get a complete shot of it:

Temminck's Stint - adult
Most action came from the tringids. Most were quite along way off though.


Wood Sandpiper

The only one that was close enough:

Green Sandpiper