Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I don't care about spots on my sandpiper, leave me the semi-p's - please

This is so frustrating. Europe is just exploding with semipalmations, white rumps and red necks, but here in Israel things are very very quiet. Haven't had a proper RBA for ages. And this morning was not different. Went to check my ponds at Ashdod. In fact there were relatively good numbers of shorebirds (100 Little Stints, many tringids), but nothing even semi-interesting. I had this ringed Little Stint, but was unable to get anything from the ring. Probably a bird I ringed last year.

This is an early Osprey that flew over the ponds and spooked everything:
Glossy Ibis is a weird bird. They often have these bizzare interactions or movements. This morning I saw several birds opening one wing at a time after bathing and preening, possibly to get rid of parasites?
Hope to get some action coming in our direction soon. It's good timing because Oz the twitcher is in Brazil.

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