Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mt. Hermon - preview...

Our ringing weekend on Mt. Hermon was great. Got lots of mouthwatering images, but today I replaced my old computer, which means I need to dowonload all of my software again, which means I have no photoshop, which means I cannot show any of these stunning images. I hope to get back in business tomorrow, so stay tuned!
In the meanwhile - an image from last year - Western Rock Nuthatch:


  1. Hi Yoav, must make these erratic virtual meetings turn into a real one again some time! Like the blog, I'll be looking out for your yellow-legged gulls down here then (I'm in Tanzania at the moment). And I'll look forward to seeing your pics of Hermon to remind me of the Lebanon days... Check our blog at


  2. Colin, long time! Next year in Kenya perhaps? When your on the beach, check Common Terns too - see