Thursday, December 19, 2019

Decade summary #4 - Best of 2013

2013 was such a busy year for me that I had to break up the annual summary into two parts (Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec). Early in the year I visited UK and NL, where I experienced proper wild goose chasing for the first time, including this smart Black Brant on the island of Zeeland:

I spent much of the spring doing breeding atlas work on Mt. Hermon that produced fascinating stuff, like this perfect Western Rock Nuthatch:

In June I returned to eastern Turkey with Amir and Gidon. Birding was great, with highlight being the beautiful Grey-necked Bunting:

Rarities came in thick and fast, including Yellow-billed Stork, Lesser Sand-plover (4th record), Pintail Snipe, and a first for Israel, Snow Bunting, that proved to be most obliging until it ended up in the talons of a Kestrel...

On the human front, in 2013 I was lucky to spend inspirational time with the late Martin Garner, in the UK and in Israel.

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