Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Evening fun

This evening, in between different duties, I enjoyed the opportunities for casual, quality offered in Israel. I checked Hulda Reservoir, that will become my local patch when I move to my new house next week. Surprisingly few shorebirds and ducks were present. Very good activity of Black-winged Kites around the reservoir though - a family with two very fresh young was doing its thing in the soft evening light. I am still blown away by how widespread they have become when I was away.

This young Monty had an extreme boa, but is still a monty. Dark trailing edge to plain primaries nailed it.

Ortolan - one of two just before dark

Other species of interest included (only) 8 Ferruginous Ducks, and a long-staying Great Crested Grebe. Full eBird checklist here.

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