Tuesday, May 8, 2018

#bathroommoth 2018

Another season of open window brings some common moths into my bathroom. Mainly micros but some finer macros as well. Nice to sit down and ID them. I often fail with their ID and get assistance from friends with better moth ID skills than me. I have already posted some of these images on Twitter - sorry for recycling.

Streamer was a beautiful addition in late April:

Early Grey roosts on the shower curtain:

A rather early Snout, somewhat disheveled, visited me last night but wouldn't pose nicely. It disappeared somewhere in my house:

Many-plume Moth is very common but really special:

Brindled Flat-body - almost got away on the bathroom window sill:

Bee Moth (thanks Josie!)

 And a couple of tiny micros - quite attractive from up-close. Four-spotted Yellowneck (Oecognia quadripuncta) - I think:

White-shouldered House Moth 

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