Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tiger, yawn

You may ask yourself why am I awake at 05:00 updating the blog. Our hotel., The Ranthambhore Bagh, is adjacent to a wedding venue. The f@%&king music is still playing now... Those Indians sure know how to party all night long.  I couldn't sleep all night. Thanks!

Anyway, yesterday was a steady day. The human brain is quite something because we had an amazing encounter with a tiger, but it still felt like a somewhat slower day. Again, we had an unrestricted full-day permit. If you ask me that's the only way to work in Ranthambhore, despite the costs. We failed to find a fresh tiger or anything else of interest. Arrowhead gave the same show as she had the previous day, offering again extreme close-up in bad light mainly. 


If I were a male Tiger I'm sure I'd fall in love with her. She's so beautiful, isn't she?

Nice views when she walked along the lake, in front of Jogi Mahal, the famous Ranthambhore landmark. But my big lens failed to capture the classic scene. Amir did better.

 We added some new birds, and again our daily tally was about 94 species. Some nice stuff.

Stork-billed Kingfisher

River Tern

And some for the birders:

Again, tons of Hume's Warblers and some Greenish Warblers too:

Greenish Warbler

Oriental Honey Buzzard - 2cy (female?)

 We had several White-capped (Chestnut-breasted) Buntings, including this male:

We found one day-roosting Indian Scops Owl, and ended the day nicely with this fine Brown Fish Owl:

Heading out soon for a final half-day safari drive, so wish us luck.

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