Friday, February 17, 2017

Half day, half luck

Our last morning in Ranthambhore was alright, though we did not see a tiger. We were VERY close - all deer in the area we worked in were terrified, constantly giving alarm calls and dashing in horror, but we just couldn't locate the tiger family there. We also found fresh Tiger, Leopard and Sloth Bear footprints but didn't see them either.
We had no special birds this morning, but still nice birding. Indian Peafowl is a real trash bird in India. But the males are truly spectacular, especially when displaying.

Indian Scops Owl

Painted Spurfowl - female. Ranthambhore specialty.

Black-winged Kite

Terrified Nilgai

All in all, our Ranthambhore visit was brilliant. Our main target - tiger - was achieved with great success. Birding was good, and the park is very beautiful. Sushil our guide and driver really did his best to help us enjoy the park. In this section of the trip we used the services of Wild World India. I cannot recommend more their services, especially for keen birders and naturalists. From inquiries through booking, logistics and the time in the park itself, the service was professional, efficient and friendly.
Now we're in Delhi after a long train ride. Tomorrow we're off to Kaziranga in Assam. Stay tuned!

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