Sunday, January 10, 2016

Canaries Singing Blues

I guess many news headlines started liked this - didn't check.
I have a confession. Yesterday I went to the first football match in my life. My elder son is very keen so I joined him and a few friends to Norwich City vs. Manchester City, in the third round of the FA Cup. I took my camera and big lens along with me and learned some important lessons as an unsuccessful and extremely amateur sport photographer (maybe I'd better stick with Wildlife).
The atmosphere at Carrow Road was fantastic - a crowd of 24,500 did the job. Despite us being automatically Norwich supporters, most eyes were on Sergio Aguero. He is an amazing player indeed and I was impressed by his actions.

Here he is straight after scoring his goal:

Willy Caballero didn't work too hard yesterday:

Cameron Jerome's expression says it all:

Jesus Navas after a hard tackle:

Raheem Sterling had a very good match: 

With Ryan Bennett:

Andre Wisdom with the distinctive bald patch on the back of his head:

Pablo Zabaleta and Kevin de Bruyne:

And now for the excuses:
I sat in the 10th row, hence the lousy angle resulting in green background. Also I was worried about knocking those sat in front of me with my lens. I was trying to enjoy the match and rarely tried to get action shots and that never worked well, so I have mostly relaxed portraits in slow moments. When I had my eye inside the viewfinder I could really see nothing of the match and felt I was missing much. I was very limited with my 500 mm for shots at short distance. And my 7D has a slow shutter release speed - I need a faster camera.


  1. Hi Yoav, glad you enjoyed the match. As a lifelong Norwich fan I found it hard to work up much of a smile though. Congrats on managing to get your camera and lens into the ground - last time I tried photography with my tiny bridge camera I was told to put it away by a steward!

    1. I didn't experience any problem with the camera at all. I was asked to open my bag at the gate and that's it.