Tuesday, June 3, 2014

UK recce visit

Arrived in Norwich yesterday. I will be here for a few days trying to prepare the ground for my move with the family in August - house, schools etc. Must admit that UK bureaucracy is not easy to deal with, but hope to manage to get some stuff done by the end of the week. Staying with Andy & Trudy in their lovely village house south of Norwich. Andy has an active moth trap - yesterday's yield was of about 20 species, including this impressive duo - Privet and Poplar Hawk-moths. I guess that if I'm moving to the UK I should start getting interested in these nightjar-food-items. 

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  1. A warm welcome to Norfolk Yoav! I'm south of Norwich too, in Pulham Market. Looking forward to seeing you out and about on the local birding scene from August! Good luck with the move