Saturday, April 14, 2012

Busy busy

This morning I went ringing at Ashdod. I arrived very early, about two hours before first light, hoping to catch a crake or shorebird, but the only night creature I had was this ugly Egyptian Fruit Bat. They are real bastards to extract out of the net.

Egypyian Fruit Bat

But daytime ringing was very busy. Hundreds of warblers made the mass - mainly Blackcap and Lesser Whitethroat but also quite many Reed Warblers and an assortment of other sylvias, locustellas, idunas and phyllos, plus some other bits and pieces. Nothing that knocked me off my chair.

Palestine Sunbird - what a jewel
I was very happy to find indication of Clamorous Reed Warbler breeding in my site for the first time. Lots of crakes running around (little and spotted) but nothing got caught. One Osprey flying over. Thanks to the team - Shlomo, Liad, Oren, Shahar, Arbel and Libi. Good night.


  1. That Egyptian Fruit Bat is far from ugly. I would love to see one, Palestine Sunbird as well.

    1. I generally enjoy working with bats (as long as my rabies vaccine is still good); the small ones are nice but this big guy is very difficult to handle.

  2. I see the Sunbirds every day! Love watching them.