Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quality ringing

This morning I had a very productive and enjoyable ringing session in the alfalfa field not far away from my house. A large team assembled early in the morning and we had the field well-covered with nets. Of course most birds caught were Yellow Wagtails (big numbers, most flava and feldegg but a couple of thunbergi and beema too), but the variety of birds caught was extraordinary. Often, yellowag sessions produce only yellowags with maybe one or two other birds. This time we had such a varied catch, of species that don't get ringed so often in Israel. Below is a selection of those:

Tawny Pipit - 1cy (one of two caught)

Tree Pipit
Greater Short-toed Lark (we had 11 of those)

Northern Wheatear
Isabelline Wheatear (left) and Northern Wheatear (right)
This juv Eurasian Sparrowhawk flew after a wagtail into the net. It was very fresh, possibly from a local population:

Many thanks to Eyal, Jonathan, Yoram, Eilon and Stav for the hard work.

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