Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grateful dead

I began today with a productive ringing session at Ashdod. Lots of migrants and very good variety, most warblers of course: willow, reed, marsh (2), great reed, savi's, Blackcap, Lesser White, E Olivaceous. In addition still large numbers of Kingfishers. This Sprosser was my first for the season:

Thrush Nightingale
Good early morning migration included many Yellow Wags, Tree and Tawny Pipits, and Ortolans. Thanks to Shlomo and Liad for their help.

A visit to the ponds was rather quiet. Hardly any shorebirds around, but it was nice to see a significant increase in Baltic Gulls (about 50), with a couple of Siberians and one Yellow-legged in between. No rings though.

Baltic Gull - 1cy and adult
Later on when I got back home I was surprised to find this female Golden Oriole dead under one of my windows. I find it hard to believe that it just decided to visit the inside of my house; more probabale that it had been chased by a sparrowhark or kestrel and then hit the window. Fine bird nevertheless. During the last week I have 6-7 birds feeding high in some large fig trees near my house, but this is the first one I saw on the ground...

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