Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stars over Nizzana

This morning I did my final atlas box for this season. I was joined by Meidad and a TV crew documenting my atlas project, which was quite fun. Meidad is a natural born TV star, isn't he?

Light conditions were quite awful with heavy clouds and no sun at all; this made photography almost impossible. I had some good birds and managed to confirm breeding of several key species - Trumpeter finch, Lesser Short-toed Lark, Black-bellied Sandgrouse and Spectacled Warbler. None of them were close enough for photography. Mourning Wheatears were ubiquitous with lots of families around. This is an adult male:

And a recently-fledged juvenile:

After we were done we paid a quick visit to the sewage ponds. As it was unusually cold sandgrouse were still coming in to drink so late, and we had some of both Black-bellied and Crowned. I met up with Barak who had found a diluta-type Sand Martin, interesting bird. Other birds included Citrine Wagtail, a couple of Namaqua Doves and Kentish Plover (a local rarity).

Namaqua Dove - female
Kentish Plover

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