Monday, April 4, 2011

Mountain Buntings

Yesterday afternoon I headed south along the Dead Sea to meet up with Johannes and his team from Belgium. En route I made a quick stop for a Mountain Bunting site right on the main road south of Ein Gedi. This site was discovered by chance by Itai during a festival Dead Sea tour, and it seems to be the easiest and most reliable site in Israel at the moment for this tricky species. And indeed I had three birds feeding right by the road in nice afternoon light. I had very little time with them so results are not too good but I will certainly be back there. This is a female: These are the original afternoon colours before PS colour adjustments. What do you think is better?

Male (left) and female (right):

We headed down to Neot Hakikar where we had great views of up to five Nubian Nightjars feeding very actively before the twilight dwindeled and the nightjars called it a night. Other wildlife we had included a Diadem Snake Spalerosophis diadema and Long-eared Hedgehog Hemiechinus auritus. The Belgian guys have images of both, I was a bit lazy...

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