Monday, April 19, 2021

Chinese Pond-Heron revisited

Israel's first Chinese Pond-Heron stays put (at least until yesterday, April 18th). The first visit was all too brief, adrenalin levels were too high and in less optimal conditions for proper photography. So I decided to return for seconds. The bird is a real poser, totally ignorant of humans. It is feeding very efficiently on fish in its frog-packed pond - must be fattening up nicely. The pond-heron is not in an ideal location for photography, with an annoying fence around the pond preventing getting down to ground level. Yet, it is an entertaining target for photography. I spent two more short sessions with it, and came back with OK results, I think.

Digiscoped through Swarovski Optik ATX85, using Swarovski VPA phone adapter

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