Thursday, July 4, 2019

American dream

This morning I had some time before a meeting at Ma'agan Michael. I had two targets in mind: Crab Plover - they are seen at MM in July about once every 20 years, typically for 10 minutes, so my odds were pretty high. I also thought that for 4th of July it would be neat to find an American shorebird. Eventually I had neither (surprise!) but it was a sweet morning session nevertheless. There were some early returning / failed breeder shorebirds, gulls and terns, many herons and egrets, a dead Green Sea Turtle on the beach, etc. eBird checklist here - 62 species, including an escape Black Swan... Dream come true.

Purple Heron

Miserbale-looking Lesser Black-backed Gull - probably fuscus; in the background Yellow-legged and Slender-billed

Marsh Sandpiper - only a month ago had them on their Kazakh breeding grounds

White-winged Tern among two of many colour-ringed Little Terns, by Yosef Kiat in Atlit (H59 from 2 July 2019, E1B from 4 May 2018)

This recently-fledged Little Tern, carrying ring H39, did some interesting movements in three days

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