Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Patch OBP!

If I was super-chuffed to find a Richard's Pipit on my local dog-walk patch a few days ago, I can report that today I am mega-chuffed. My routine dog walk along wadi Ekron near my house started well with a distinct wave of Red-backed Shrikes - 4 birds right outside my house; then it got better by finding my first Spotted Crake for the patch:

A couple of minutes later I heard a familiar call, saw a pipit approaching from the north - Olive-backed Pipit! Got on it through the bins while I tried to reach my phone to sound-record it, but it was too quick. Managed to see a bold head pattern, and plain greenish mantle as it flew away. It did not drop down but continued to fly on low, disappearing between the houses. I spent some time trying to relocate it without success. I was over the moon - while Richard's Pipit is a fine bird but 'only' scarce, OBP is a proper national rarity and a local patch classic. I am so happy that my local patch delivers quality so quickly. Sadly no documentation for now - hope it reappears in the next few days.
The rest of the dog walk was actually pretty good, for the site. Wryneck was sweet, and I am happy to welcome Bluethroat and Chiffchaff - both species were first noted on my walk yesterday. Check my eBird checklist here.

Shame about the reed across the breast