Friday, February 23, 2018

Hluhluwe birds 12-13/2/18

We spent a day and a half inside Hluhluwe - Imfolozi Game Reserve, safari-driving which isn't the best way to watch birds. So birding was rather casual, but still very enjoyable. Here are my eBird checklists of day 1 (eastern section) and day 2 (southwestern section). We didn't see anything unusual, and missed some target species (like Southern Bald Ibis), so I celebrated the common and beautiful South African birds. Always a treat. My favourite was Mocking Cliff-Chat. There's a territorial pair on Nyalazi Gate itself - stunning birds:

I like the pastel colours of the female too:

Black-backed Puffback - mobbed a Natal Green Snake

Purple-crested Turaco - crazy bird

Burchell's Coucal

African Pipit

White-faced Whistling Ducks

Fan-tailed Widow

Pin-tailed Whydah - trash bird but a real cracker

Square-tailed Drongo

Lesser Striped Swallow

Nice to encounter Palearctic migrants in fair numbers - mainly European Rollers and Red-backed Shrikes:

On our last afternoon we seeked a change of scenery, and headed over to the private nature reserve False Bay Park, an extension of St. Lucia lake that is very close to Hluhluwe. We had higher expectations of the site, but it was half-disappointing there. Still, managed to add a few trip ticks, and snap some common stuff.
White-fronted Plover

Yellow-billed Stork

Grey-headed Gull - sorry about the clipped wingtip

Water Thick-knee

Next post - Kruger Park!

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