Saturday, June 24, 2017

Common bathroom moths

Norwich  evenings are nice and warm  recently, so I leave my windows open. The lights attract many insects from outside, and with limited time for proper wildlife stuff  I diverted my attention to indoor moths. I don't operate a moth trap like most birders here do - I still don't know enough about mofs and honestly don't have enough confidence to operate a trap. Here are a few very common moths that made their way into my dirty bathroom in recent days. Through macro lens those dark corners of my bathroom look quite horrible...
No exciting species yet, just nice to look closer and appreciate the diversity of beasts inside the house. I don't have a proper moth photo kit (no ring-flash or high quality lens), and my moths are not refrigerated, so photographic results are, emmm...

Treble Brown Spot

Riband Wave

Single-dotted Wave, taken with my phone, sorry. By the time I got my camera from downstairs it had disappeared.

Rosy Tabby - what a strange little moth

Many thanks to James and Will for their help.

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