Monday, November 28, 2016

Drake Goosander

Took a lunchtime stroll to check if the Goosander found by Drew last night on UEA Broad was still present. It was. I first wasted time trying to photograph it with my phone through bins. Then my lovely wife graciously brought me my camera to work, and in the afternoon I went for seconds.
The fine-looking drake was pretty shy and kept its distance from me (but ignored dog walkers and ordinary students). It swam from one side of the lake to the other, occasionally flying short distances. The light was alright but my old camera is too slow so I screwed up the flight shots. But I guess that for 15 minutes of effort this is not too bad.
This is my second UEA Goosander. The January 2015 redhead was even more skittish. Not a rare bird in Norfolk, but always nice to see. Unique birds.

Anyone knows anything about moult of these guys? He seems to have a suspended moult?
Those red legs...

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  1. We have them on our local river breeding (Birs, near Basel) and they are pretty tame for Goosander. But the head is such a dark colour it is very hard to capture properly.