Tuesday, September 27, 2016

12 bars

This morning I went with UEA ringing group to our site in Waxham on the east coast. We were joined by a group of fresh IMAE students. Good to meet such an enthusiastic cohort of young conservationists. The weather was not promising and indeed it felt very quiet. But eventually it was a fine morning, with a reasonable catch, dominated by Chiffchaffs. Also a couple of late Reed Warblers. Highlight was three Yellow-browed Warblers. Always lovely birds to ring. Not surprising to get them after the huge arrival last week along the east coast. We heard and saw only one in the field, but evidently there were more about.

Yellow-browed Warbler 

We also had three Lapland Buntings - picked up by call, then we saw them flying north above the dunes. I went looking for them but couldn't find any.
Iain showed the students the moths he had trapped overnight - big numbers and nice variety. Quite many migrants. I especially liked the Pink-barred Sallows:

A view of our ringing site from the elevated dunes 

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