Sunday, August 10, 2014


Long day today. Left home very early, met up with Barak and we were at Ma'agan Michael at 05:45. We birded mainly along the beach - checked several lagoons and puddles. Quite good numbers of shorebirds and nice variety. Best was this lovely Terek Sandpiper:

Other stuff included Whimbrel, Oystercatcher, 24 Greater Sand-plovers, 5 Sanderling. 2 Gull-billed Terns and 13 Gargeney coming in off the sea.


Still good tern activity on the beach:

Then I had a series of meetings, finalizing projects and saying goodbye to colleagues before leaving.
When I headed back home, Hamas fired two rockets towards my village. They were intercepted by Iron Dome. Today was a 'slow' day with 'only' 50 rockets fired by crazy Hamas towards Israel.

The moon is beautiful tonight:

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  1. Hello Yoav,
    I became a follower of your blog. Great captures you make. As a former kibbutznik (10 years Nahsholim) I keep up with all the birds in Israël via your pictures. Wish you all the best with all the troubles at the moment and good luck for the comming years in England. Hope you get the change to shoot some great pictures there as well.