Monday, August 25, 2014

Stuck in the Middle

Last few weeks have been very busy but also quite frustrating as well for me and my family. I spent almost a week in Norwich, furnished my house and got it prepared for my family to arrive. Enjoyed Norwich very much and had a good time with many friends there. The house is really nice and in few days I got it into quite a good shape. Garden list started - nice view from my office window.

I visited BirdFair briefly on Friday - very short and very intensive. Good to meet so many friends. Got myself two new books - check the image above. Especially pleased to get a copy from Martin Garner - congratulations mate on such an achievement.

I was thrilled to watch this great movie by Yuval Dax for the first time - captures precisely the spirit of Champions of the Flyway:

I was supposed to fly back to UK with my family yesterday. A few days ago we had tenants moving into our house in Nir Moshe, so the days before that had been hectic, trying to clear the house and clean it on time, with constant explosions and sirens as background noises...
Unfortunately, we have serious delays with our visas. The company working for Home Office are just impossible, and at the moment I have no idea when we will actually move to UK. I really hope that my kids will be there on time to start school. I hope this intermediate period will not last for very long. At the moment we are staying with family and friends, which is nice for few days but not for more than that. Add to that missiles and sirens - we really want to get out of here!
In the meanwhile, autumn migration is very powerful already. I had no time for proper birding in recent weeks, but lots of migrants apparent everywhere - Lesser Grey Shrikes, storks, Willow Warblers etc. Managed to escape for half an hour this morning to check a nearby reservoir which was nice - good numbers of Ferruginous Duck, some Marsh Sands, first Black-necked Grebe, many Garganey etc.


  1. Ok, times are crap in your country, though my country, America and Israel itself have a lot to blame for that. This view is from a historical perspective. Anyway, with the birds and birding you have in Israel, why the heck would you move to England?

  2. Hope you manage to move over shortly, our 'Authorities' are probably too busy keeping track of home-grown terrorists.....Agree with Brett the birding's not in the same league but you might like to visit the Scillies in Oct for a dose of Yanks?

    atb Laurie -

  3. Wishing you peace and a safe departure. Enjoy - looking forward to learning more about birding in the UK when you finally arrive.