Sunday, October 6, 2013

Red Hot Chili Birds

Went back to work today after a few days off with my family. BTW the new babys' name is Libby. She's great. As I wanted to avoid traffic had an hour to kill before driving to Tel Aviv, so stopped to check a very photogenic pepper field not far away from my house. Most birds in the field were local, with fewer migrants. Nothing got very close but that was OK since I wanted to keep as much of the background as possible - these colours are just fantastic - those peppers look almost like plastic.
The main customers were Spectacled Bulbuls - large numbers were seen thrashing the crops. Hope the farmer is OK with that...

Quite many Palestine Sunbirds in the field too - they were hunting for tiny spiders I think.

Palestine Sunbird - female

Palestine Sunbird - male

Among the migrants most prominent were many Whinchats:

This poor guy probably won't make it to Africa - too many ticks inside that ear:

Quick look at the alfalfa field was productive. Still tons of birds there. Very big flock of about 1000 Yellow Wags, 200 Red-throated Pipits and swarms of Willow Warblers. 1 Richard's Pipit, 20 Tawny Pipits, some Lesser Spotted Eagles overhead - very nice.

Willow Warbler

 Marsh Harrier

 Red-backed Shrike

One of my favourite songs from their last album:


  1. I would have had to have liberated a few of those peppers Yoav..........

    Laurie -

  2. Yoav - just catching up with your September posts, the one on Sep 16 - put me out of my misery and list the 5 spp of wader from left to right please!

    Laurie -

  3. Here you go Laurie:
    Dunlin, Little Stint, Marsh Sand, Curlew Sand, Redshank