Monday, October 21, 2013

Hen again

Today is my birthday. Traditionally, I go out birding in the morning and see nothing special at all. Today was not different. After receiving my share of attention from wife and kids, headed out and was greeted by wild easterlies, creating a disgusting sand storm. Far from ideal weather for birding. Headed again to Bet Kama alfalfa field to try and relocate the possible Dusky Warbler from yesterday, but the wind was so strong that no passerines were showing on the deck. Only the harriers flying over the field flushed the birds up. So I decided to spend some time to photograph the (same?) Hen Harrier passing over the field. Such a beautiful bird.

Hen Harrier


Taking a dump

I usually prefer images with neat background, but I like this image too with the very cluttered background

Other raptors hunting over the field included Peregrine, Sparrowhawk and 3-4 Marsh harriers. The pipits were flying non-stop this morning.

Marsh Harrier

Other birds of interest in the field were one Richard's Pipit and this Jack Snipe - a good bird for my region (only...):

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