Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good autumn ringing

Very hot and humid tyhis morning at Ashdod but migration is in full swing now, with lots of migrants. Birds carrying heavy loads of fat, and the Reed Warblers all have very long wings = northern origin.
Most charosmatic bird of the morning was Wryneck - always a pleasure to handle. Here it's doing its Wryneck things:

I was very pleased to catch a couple of Willow Warblers. In a couple of weeks I can expect to have large catches.

Willow Warbler - 2cy+

I caught one Common Nightingale - a rather large, dark and dull individual:

 Great Reed Warbler

Kingfisher - 1cy female

Some more migrants seen in the area included Honey Buzzard, Lesser Grey and Red-backed Shrikes, and some Savi's Warblers.
Many thanks to Liad and Miriam for their help.

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