Monday, August 2, 2010

Shouting in the forest

This hot morning I was ringing at the JBO. This time of the year the pistachio and blackthorn bushes are full of fruit that attract migrant sylvias. These fruit are extremely rich in fat, which is very important for these migrants building their fat tissues up for migration.
Despite the heat we had a relatively good catch with mainly Lesser Whitethroats, Eastern Orphean and Olivaceous Warblers, and star bird of the morning - Olive-tree Warbler.

Olive-tree Warbler
There was one interesting environmental factor that negatively effected our catch in some of the nets near the forest below us. There is a new group of ultra-orthodox jews that do some kind of spiritual healing by shouting! They stand around in the forest (this morning 2-3 females and 2 males present) and shout their heads off for hours! I would call it something like counter-Vipassana... So anyway the adjacent nets didn't catch much. But it's quite an amusing show, daily, for free: Only in Jerusalem!!!

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