Monday, February 8, 2010

Rosefinches at Tsor'a

This morning I tried for the rosefinches wintering at Tsor'a. Up to 11 birds were seen there recently! This is very good in Israeli standards.
I was joined by Jonathan, and together we spent some time trying to locate them in the dense blackberry jungle. Bird activity was pretty slow, and the wind picked up, but eventually we had OK views of one rosefinch, before it took off and joined two other birds; then we lost them among the hundreds of chaffinches. This is one of the best Common Rosefinch images available on the web:
Back home, a nice group of chaffinches was feeding in my garden. It seems that later in winter we get more males proportionately - I guess they move southwards later in winter when the north freezes.

In the evening I got news about a Little Bunting found in the north - will try it tomorrow, stay posted.

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