Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Arabian (Dunn's) Lark

Earlier this month I went with Jonathan down to the Arava for some necessary desert bliss (and fieldwork). 

Contra last winter, this winter the desert is extremely dry. As a result, bird densities are quite low. However, carry-over effect of last spring's breeding boom is present. Thick-billed and Arabian (Dunn's) Larks are around. Where we checked there were six Arabian Larks - time has come to accept the split. I have seen many before, and photographed them quite well. The encounter we had with an individual who just stayed put was something else. We crept up to it down to minimal focusing distance. 

Other birds included Hoopoe, Temminck's and Bar-tailed Larks, and Asian Desert Warblers. 

Desert Bath White

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