Monday, July 31, 2017

Information on POSSIBLE Swinhoe's Storm-Petrel by Will Miles Sumburgh 31/7/17

I am here on Shetland for a great family holiday. We're having an amazing time with breathtaking wildlife experiences and lovely people. More on this very soon. But first, some POTENTIAL stop-press rarity news. Last night I joined a storm-petrel ringing session on Sumburgh Head. This session was organised by Phil Harris, Roger Riddington, Paul Harvey and Will Miles. At about 01:00 this am, Will Miles heard a Swinhoe's Storm-petrel twice, responding to our playback mix that included swinhoe's. Will is confident that he heard a swinhoe's (just a reminder that Will found and caught the first two on Fair Isle in 2013 so he knows his swinhoe's...). Sadly Will was alone at the net at that moment, and nobody else heard the bird after, nor was it seen (or caught...). So obviously Will is very cautious, yet he is confident he heard a Swinhoe's.
Otherwise it was a good session with about 140 European Storm-petrels and 1 Leach's Storm-petrel.
Will is not big on social media, sadly nor are the other participants... So I am reporting on their behalf.

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