Saturday, November 14, 2015

Recent updates

Very busy lately so little time for birding. Did manage to squeeze in part of a ringing session at UEA yesterday morning. Nice and sunny, quite many birds about. Best bird ringed was this gorgeous male Lesser Redpoll. Other highlights were some flyovers - especially a flock of 20 Pintail that headed east over the broad, quite a remarkable local record. Also Fieldfare, Siskins and Redwings about.

Facebook is a weird world. A few days ago BirdLife International shared this image of a tired flock of Bee-eaters I took back in early May 2012 during one of the most incredible days of birding I had ever had in Israel:

I knew it's a popular image - people just love colourful birds like bee-eaters and kingfishers. But I couldn't imagine how viral it got - almost 10,000 likes and 1500 shares in one day - not too shabby in our field...
As I am writing this news about the terror attack in Paris is streaming in. My thoughts are with France and especially with my French friends. Be strong.

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