Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome to the 21st Century

Apologies to all my followers and readers for this long absence. Finally we moved to the UK almost three weeks ago. It took me almost three weeks to get connected at home. Incredible. The first week without internet was quite fun in fact, but then it started getting complicated - almost impossible to survive without internet these days.
Anyway, the move was quite OK. Norwich is a lovely city and we enjoy life here very much. The first couple of weeks were hectic with the new house and with our sons beginning school (without speaking English). But they are advancing very fast - really impressive how quickly they adjust.
I don't have a car yet so haven't been able to do any proper birding yet, which is quite frustrating with all the RBA tweets I get every five minutes. Working on my garden list - latest additions included a hooting Tawny Owl from my neighbour's garden, and some flyover migrants. 
Spent a day on the coast with the family near Sheringham. Impossible to bird properly but between icecream and Fish & Chips glimpsed some Gannets, gulls etc. offshore. Amusing to see Turnstones feeding on bread with pigeons.

Went to Whitlingham one afternoon with my boys - nothing special there but the kids really enjoyed it:

Enjoying autumn colours in Norwich


  1. Welcome - it's not Israel Yoav but it is the best birding region to be based in.....Brings back many memories of twitches etc, i also had the privelige of spending two Summers working on Blakeney Point and Cley was my local patch :-) and you are right, kids pick up language so fast maybe even the local dialect that should be fun back in Tel Aviv!

    ATB Laurie -

  2. Sounds like you are beginning to settle right in - lovely pics of your kids! Amazing how fast kids pick up the language...mine were this age when we moved to Israel and they needed to learn Hebrew - soon, they didn't want us to speak English to them ;-)