Friday, October 14, 2011

Kvalitet fugleferie

Yesterday I met up with Søren Kristofferson from Denmark. We had a great afternnon and evening with some of our region's best birds. We started off watching a family of Sooty Falcons, on a cliff high above the Dead Sea. We had a great show watching the two recently-fledged juveniles practicing flight, and chasing their parents and each other. I a couple of weeks they will have left us, on their way to Madagascar. fantastic birds but poor images.

Sooty Falcon

After dusk we went to look for Nubian Nightjars. The evening was very pleasent with comfortable temperatures, bright moonlight and no wind. However it took us some effort to have good views of a nightjar. But finally this moulting 1cy showed extremely well. S
øren was very pleased of course.

Nubian Nightjar
Some additional adventures from last week: on Monday I went up north for a family holiday. We stopped briefly at Ma'agan Michael where I saw the lingering Pacific Golden Plover. Migration is very visible with lots of birds up in the skies and in the bushes and trees.
I need to sign off as I'm waking up in a few hours for ringing. Good night.

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