Sunday, September 17, 2023

Autumn fall

It's been a while since I last posted here. Not for the lack of birding - with migration intensity peaking from day to day, I am out and about as much as I can, doing my best to take it all in. However, my motivation to photograph has dropped considerably, as did my motivation to blast social media with migration posts. Another flock of pelicans? Another shrike perched on a branch? Another flock of wagtails in the fields? Feels a bit pointless doesn't it? I mean, I am out, I enjoy the birds, I take some videos through my scope, I shoot the occasional photograph when I can find the energy to get the camera out of the backpack, and the bird actually waits. Still, my main motivation is just to bird as hard as I can in the limited time I have, to experience migration at its best and purest. Photography slows me down, as social media does. These photos here are more or less the only half-decent photos i got in recent weeks of daily birding. I did start doing this daily X/Twitter thing about where my daily birding takes me and what makes me happy. That's fun, but that's the max I can do right now. This Twitter thing takes me very little time and effort. Maybe tomorrow I will find motivation to photograph more birds? And post more on social media, to connect people with nature an so on?

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