Sunday, June 21, 2020

Summer solstice

This is the time of year when maintaining eBird's #checklistadaychallenge is becoming challenging.

Still going strong

Spring migration is over, autumn migration hasn't really started yet, and I have more or less visited all distinct eco-regions in Israel this breeding season. Also, there's that much I can travel on my daily birding journey. I am exhausted after this crazy COVID-fieldwork season! Therefore, in recent weeks I find myself mainly visiting the few better birding sites near home again and again, focusing on minute seasonal changes, and broadening my interest in other taxa.
This morning I visited Tal Shahar, where my hope for some returning/lingering/stuck shorebirds never materialised. From a birding point of view, there were not too many attractions, yet it was an enjoyable session (eBird checklist here). Great Spotted Cuckoos, breeding Woodchat Shrikes, mixed hirundines - that's not too bad I guess.

Unseasonal, tiny Sand Martin. Local breeder (shelleyi/'eilata')?

I did pay some attention to critters, including the petite Ivory Featherleg:

Long-tailed Blue is one of the commonest butterflies in Israel, but always a treat to watch

Male on a Prickly Alkanet
 On Rye Grass

Thanks Re'a and Avner for mentoring me through invert-world

Bring on the autumn!

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