Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Local Great Northern Diver

Since I moved to the UK some months ago I have been working slowly on my WP list, clearing up embarrassing gaps formed because I had never spent enough time in Europe in winter. These have included Iceland Gull and Great Grey Shrike that now I 'got out of the way'. I needed Great Northern Diver as well but missed it while seawatching off the north coast several times. But I knew I had to wait with some patience until an easy bird turns up inland near Norwich, and that's what happened - one was found yesterday at Rockland Broad RSPB. I was a bad boy today, and when I saw that the sun was out, I escaped from uni and decided to go out for a quicky with James. We had very good views of the bird (though too distant for proper photography), a 2cy, as it swam and dived for fish, often harassed by the local gulls. Very cool bird. I have a soft spot for divers as all divers are very rare in Israel, so I always enjoy watching them. 

Actually quite many birds around - Marsh Harrier, 4 Buzzards together, 3 Snipe etc. On the way out this Treecreeper was very confiding and did its best to get photographed but I failed quite miserably and only got this semi-OK shot, but what a lovely bird.

Eurasian Treecreeper 

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